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Billing.Shipping Address
1414 Round Table Dr. Dallas, TX 75247

Local: 214-631-5903
Fax: 214-631-2219
Inquiries: info@formosafoods.net

Hours of Operation (Open to the Public)
Monday-Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm, Sunday Closed

Receiving Hours
Monday-Saturday 9:00am-4:30pm, Sunday Closed
(First Come, First Serve- Please Call Ahead)

Account Managers

CJ Chen (Outside Sales)  cj@formosafoods.net

Isabel Rivera  isabel@formosafoods.net

Gricelda Rubio

John He  

Janice Tseng  janice@formosafoods.net 

Sarah Chen  sarahc@formosafoods.net 


Crystal Lin  crystal@formosafoods.net

Yvonne Lin  yvonne@formosafoods.net


Emily Chang (Dry Goods)  emilyc@formosafoods.net

Jesse Chang (Produce)  jesse@formosafoods.net

Mao Chang (Meat/Poultry)  mao@formosafoods.net

Teresa Chang  (Dry Goods)  teresa@formosafoods.net

Crystal Lin  crystal@formosafoods.net

Weldon Chang (Seafood)  weldon@formosafoods.net


Bryan Chang  bryan@formosafoods.net

Jerry Hung  jerry@formosafoods.net

Jesse Chang  jesse@formosafoods.net

Weldon Chang  weldon@formosafoods.net